Leadership Team:

We encourage each other to ask God for his personal guidance and his leading for the church. Occasional day retreats help us to grow and to enjoy the fellowship.



Worship Team:

We enjoy singing and playing for God's glory. Regular rehearsals help us improve.



Teaching Team:

We search God's word.
We listen to God.
We address the people's needs.



Child-care Team:

We desire to help our children to develop a positive relationship with God and his Word, and to experience church as an enjoyable place.
We desire to make Christ known to the children in our area.

Catering Team

We enjoy preparing food and drinks for fellowship after the church service.
We enjoy decorating the rooms to have a comfortable environment.



Mission Team:

We care for people's spiritual and physical needs.
Our foster child:
Support project in Benin



Social-impact Team

Still in planning...